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About Us

Our site is the India's First True Fashion Website offering Premier Designer Wear and all your wardrobe needs - Jewellery, Accessories, Anarkalis, Sarees, Lehengas, Tunics, Shoes, Beauty, Bags and Clutches under one roof.

Vidhi Verma is the most respected and top Indian favorite designers in India. Since 2014, it has developed a unique style of its own, reflecting the true finesse of the ancient traditions of craftsmanship. When Vidhi Verma was young she never thought that her passion for fashion designing and the love for solving a problem creatively would take her on a roller-coaster ride of her entrepreneurial journey. From her childhood itself, Vidhi showed immense interest in arts and design. She started gaining knowledge about product development, lifestyle, apparel, and accessories. Apart from this, she did a lot of internships to practically learn what she studied. Completing her graduation, Vidhi realized that she wanted some corporate experience in the industry before she could start offering people her creative designs. Vidhi started as a Junior Merchandiser with KP Sanghvi and worked with them for a year realizing that now she was ready for her journey to success and becoming the top celebrity designer in India.